Referral & Intake Procedures

West-Lake-St..jpgAdult outpatient or residential client referrals can be made by calling Alpha's intake department at (612) 823-3707 or  (612) 823-3621. Information can be obtained or inquiries can be made via e-mail by contacting

The purpose of the assessment process is to determine if the client is an appropriate candidate for treatment at Alpha and if Alpha can offer a suitable treatment option for that client.  An intake evaluation consists of a review of the available relevant documents and a personal interview with the potential client.  An adolescent intake interview also requires parental participation.  While relevant information is obtained from a prospective client, information is also given to that individual regarding the suggested treatment option at Alpha.  The intake staff can explain the costs involved for all services provided at Alpha and can arrange for the scheduling of various services such as psychosexual evaluations, polygraph examinations, and plethysmograph examinations.

Probation officers, attorneys and social service agencies typically refer potential clients to Alpha.  Anyone can, however, contact the intake staff to discuss the appropriateness of a potential referral, including concerned friends, family members, mental health professionals, or potential clients in need of services themselves.   Although many of Alpha's adult outpatient clients are adjudicated and participate in treatment to fulfill their probation conditions, clients may also receive services on a voluntary basis. The intake staff will explain the costs involved to receive treatment and can roughly estimate the amount of time needed to complete treatment, along with any other concerns or questions.

Appointments with an intake worker are typically scheduled within one to two weeks of the initial contact, with a decision about admission being made once the interview is concluded and relevant collateral documents are reviewed.  A written letter of acceptance is available when requested.  For adolescents or adults who have completed psychosexual or psychological evaluations prior to being referred to Alpha, the normal intake assessment interview is about two hours in duration.  For those referred to the adult residential program but unable to travel to Minnesota for an intake assessment, arrangements can be made with the intake team to conduct the interview at the referral's location.  There are additional travel fees for such services.

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